This blog is in Danish, because I am a Dane and write in Danish about the concerts and other stage performances that I experience in Denmark and occasionally elsewhere – primarily in Copenhagen where I live. I defer to others for a qualified evaluation.

The “concert” part of the blog’s name comes from my preferred hobby: I like to attend symphonic concerts and occasionally chamber music. In recent years, I ventured into operas. And the occasional ballet. And so on.

The second part of the blog’s name has to do with my being an aunt (and a Dane). The niece features prominently in my life, but not in the blog. Yet. Eventually she might when she starts accompanying me at concerts.

Anyway, I’m an aunt, and I like attending symphonic concerts. And I like my niece.

You can find me on Twitter where I tweet in English and Danish about music, books, software, gadgets, and gossip. I am clearly me as well as an aunt and have more or less secretive monikers as an attempt at reducing the search engine hits on my actual name. I’m neither vain nor paranoid, but I’m also not attention-seeking. I just like to share my thoughts on things with a bunch of people, and this blog is one of my outlets.

The Concertanten blog came into life as I was riding my bike home from a concert. My home being Copenhagen, I bike to and from concerts most of the year. OK, I tend to take the metro now, but back then, I traveled by bike. Anyway, I was on my way to my home at the time along Nørre Allé, trying to avoid the pits and at the same trying to time my arrival at the next red light, and a thought occurred with me: A blog to capture the concerts I attend. For my own benefit, but also as an easy way to relay information to friends in remote locations.

Key ensembles in my concert life:

You can contact me at concertanten@outlook.dk (in Danish or English, please). Follow me on Twitter or on Mastodon.

For transparency, tickets for 99,99% of all events that appear on the blog are paid for by myself. A few events are paid for by others when they want my attention, for example.

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